Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Let's Focus on the Democratic Response

Mark Warner for president.

Enough bleeding-hearts. It's time for compitent, rational government leadership, and that's exactly what Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine called for (and won on in November). That's exactly why former Gov. Warner has a 70 percent approval rating in the red state, and it's exactly why he should be the nominee in the summer of '08.

No one watched it, but Kaine's speech was pretty compelling, and I think it has a message that will connect with the people Democrats need to win back -- middle Americans who are attracted to messages on social issues like gay marriage and abortion. Kaine did a great job of weaving his values into a call for an energetic government that does its job well and within its means. He called for government that provides its citizens value (as it sounds like Virginia's government does). And he managed to sound compelling (to a New York, Jewish, teacher's union liberal, mind you, so I may not speak for the voters I'm hoping he appeals to) despite a fairly uncompelling delivery and appearance. It didn't include Clinton-esque charisma or rhetorical appeal. It was a simple message that, as he said about 30 times, "America can do better."

We have a couple years to get through, but I'm throwing off my previous calls for a Feingold candidacy -- Warner '08.


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