Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Does This Change Things?

James...I agree with you 100%. This Administration has been a near complete failure when it comes to homeland security. The Bush Administration has never given enough attention to homeland security, choosing to take the offensive against terror but not the defensive. Good security policy requires both. Unfortunately, many criticisms on the port issue leaned racist while ignoring the real threats. But the good news is Democrats are steering their criticisms of the port issue away from bigotry and toward a serious discussion of the homeland security issue. Good for them.

But back to the specific issue of the Dubai deal...

I've applauded Bush here and here for his position on the port issue. It is not ok oppose the sale to a Dubai-owned company simply because they're Arabs or Muslims (as many critics of the deal have done).

But check out this curveball. It is not ok to oppose the sale based on race, but is it ok to oppose it based on ideology (that is the bigotry of the Dubai-owned company)? I'm inclined to say it is.

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