Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

There's absolutely nothing about the Cheney's Got A Gun thing that isn't funny. Seriously every step of the way finds new humor. (That is, unless the lawyer takes a serious turn for the worse.) But of all the pieces of this -- best summarized by our new good friend at Progressive Blog Digest -- I think the part I'm enjoying most is the now public knowledge of what this rogue band of hunters ate for lunch:

The party of 11 hunters set out in two trucks Saturday morning, driving around the mesquite-dotted property and shooting quail until about 12:30 p.m., said Anne Armstrong, co-owner of the ranch. Then they broke for a lunch of antelope, jicama salad and camp bread, washed down with Dr. Pepper.

Dr. Pepper + Antelope = Crazy Delicious!


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