Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Crying uncle

Before you ream me for, I dunno, sprinting to the left with my "Straw Man" post, understand that I only asked it as a political theoretical question. ("Straw Man argument," anyone?) I haven't done a lick of thought on who I'd back, to be brutally honest, but I'm more inclined to head to the center than otherwise, just based on how I'm feeling these days. Nevertheless, I was authentically curious how the Republicans seem to pull off their recent, notorious push to the base, but it's considered bad form in Democratic circles.

(Wonderful link there, chief. Good thing my name isn't U.S. Grant Anonymity... And, by the way, I may have over-stated how "great" you thought the State of the Union, but you did say "As always, I'm a sucker for Bush's speeches." So my saying you called it "among the best speeches" is only sorta inaccurate.)


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