Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fair Enough...

I'll own up to a bit of a slip in last night's post. In my defense, my political mind is slightly rusty, as I spend my days trying to get 7th graders to sit down and shut up. The more embarrassing thing is this isn't the first mixed up first name I've dropped in a conversation in the last week (James will remember me mixing up President Carter's first name as we were choosing names the other night).

No matter. Much in the pattern of Bush's empty rhetoric (that's why people -- 42 percent of them at any rate -- love him. Because he paints a rose-colored picture for them in speeches but doesn't back it up in action. See: a $400 billion deficit, terrible management of federal responses to any number of crises, corporate and political corruption with half-hearted responses from the Republican majority during his term. See: a pledge in last night's speech to cut the deficit in half with budget cuts in increments of $14 billion but much larger tax cuts to add to said deficit and a year's worth of the aforesaid poor federal management), I'll make a sweeping pledge: I will never mix first names up again.

Sound good Henry Truman Fellow?


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