Wednesday, February 15, 2006

They *Did* Say They Were Following the Clinton Model

In today's Reliable Sources column in the Washington Post, that old APR favorite The West Wing gets a mention. But, for a change, it's not miserable news. (Scroll down.)

(Bradley) Whitford, who plays White House aide-turned-campaign-manager Josh Lyman, let on that in taping an upcoming episode, "I did spend the day naked in bed with a woman."

Thank Heavens for sweeps week! So who could it be? The obvious guesses are just that -- obvious. I think the writers should go in an unexpected direction. What about his candidate's wife, who posed for a little-known nudie mag? His boss' once-famously over-sexed wife? Or are they going to blow our minds with a blast from the past?

*Sigh* I guess I'll watch. Heck, without this show I doubt I would be ignoring my work right now to blog for you all.


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