Wednesday, March 08, 2006

But She Told Me She Was On The Pill

Remember all those times you were banging some random chick who promised you she was on the pill, so you didn't wrap it up, but it turned out she really wanted you to be her baby's daddy? And then she made you pay child support so that she could use all her strip club tips for her coke habit? So you were forced to live on the street. And then you got the shit kicked out of you by some teenagers looking for a good time. But fortunately it was all caught on surveillance camera and they were arrested and forced to serve life in prison.

Right...well, good news!

Looks like the National Center for Men is on our side. In a case, nicknamed Roe v. Wade for Men, being filed in U.S. District Court in Michigan the National Center for Men is defending a 25-year-old computer programmer ordered to pay child support to his ex-girlfriend who got pregnant even though she told him she was unable to.

On behalf of all then men who went looking for a one night stand and ended up paying child support for 18 years, lets hope Mr. Roe wins this one.