Thursday, March 30, 2006

When In Rome...

So, I spent Monday and Tuesday in Virginia, did not bring my laptop and hardly even saw a computer. Little down-time, less sleep. (And I only forgot my cell phone charger in the hotel room. Just one item? A new record!) In any case, I came back today and just turned on my laptop for the first time since the weekend. Imagine my surprise when I saw that no one had posted on this blog since Sunday, giving APR a full three days of radio silence. It appears that Harry and Jerry have decided to cancel all posting on this site for reasons passing understanding. Well, I'm not one to go against the grain so I guess this is the last-ever post of A Proportional Response. Good night, everybody! It's been fun!

(As a parting gift, here's the greatest television show never aired. Hell, it's the greatest opening credits never aired...)


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