Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm Pretty Much Like Neil Armstrong Here

With my Internet homepage set to the New York Times, I see it every time I open a new window. In perusing job websites (please oh please I hope my editor isn't reading this) I needed a few windows open. Imagine my surprise when, after scanning the headlines for a couple minutes, I opened a new window to see the Brand! Spanking! New! Times website. The techies at 229 West 43rd Street must have put up the new code in the few minutes between me opening those two windows (sometime around 9:50 P.S.T., if you're curious). I'm probably one of the first few dozen to have seen the new site. Whoo.

As for the site itself, I'm resistant to change as a general rule, but the new design seems clean, modular and easier to search. I'm also excited for MyTimes, whatever the hell it is -- could be an easy way to collate the news, blogs and the other daily hodgepodge I find enjoyable and illuminating. And now we have a new trivia question for Trivial Pursuit Genius Edition, year 2020: Who was featured in the photo on the Times' new redesign? (Answer: Former President Bill Frist, when he was still a Senator. Haha, just kidding, Bill. You suck.)


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