Saturday, February 11, 2006

Shoe Money Tonight II

Just linking to a few follow-up notions on Bush's announcement of the (ostensibly) prevented L.A. hijacking in 2002. Two interesting newsy tidbits I read in the paper that this blog summarizes well:

1. Los Angeles Mayor knows nothing about the supposed threat (which only leads me to believe that it can't have been too serious)
2. Bush's claim of thwarting the attack is disputed by ex-FBI official

The best response I've seen yet from an official standpoint has got to be in an email from the guys at the well-sourced news org/blog Capitol Hill Blue: “He’s full of shit."

All this bears the question: Is it possible -- is it possible -- that the President has distorted human intel to sell something to a fearful America? I'm just saying, is it possible.


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