Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Budget Hypocrisy

Republicans have an incredible, and ironic, ability to flip-flop. One day, they're decrying their own lack of budgetary discipline over the last six years, and the next they refuse to submit to budget rules that would keep spending -- and fiscally irresponsible tax cuts -- under wraps.

The "pay-go" rule -- any spending has to be offset by tax increases and tax cuts have to be offset by spending cuts -- is a common-sense way to keep Congress from its often unchecked deficit spending on pork-barrel projects. Senate Republicans opposed the rule because it would keep them from making permanent President Bush's gigantic tax cuts of the past several years (because they know they've trimmed about as much fat from the federal budget as they can). It would have prevented them from letting millionaires keep more of their money while piling debt on everyone's grandchildren.

Looks like the Democrats have two winning campaign themes (beside the positive ones I know they're brainstorming right now) -- not only are the Dems the party that cares about the little guy (and backs it up with the requisite tax readjustments and targeted spending), but it's also the party of responsible financial management (last balanced federal budget? Early in the Bush administration, after excellent budget discipline by Clinton). Vote Democrat and stop the Republicans' destructive habits.


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