Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Feels Like the First Time

Remember the Daily Show montage with President Bush saying "No timetables, no timetables, no timetables?" No? Well, funny thing -- the President has really emphasized his lack of desire to set a timetable/come up with a precise exit strategy. I'm not sure if this is mind-blowing news or just regular ol' "big" news, but the President has apparently decided on a time-table. It couldn't be less specific, and it's still maddeningly under-realized, and -- for us semantics-loving wordsmiths -- he chooses to call it a "transition," but in spite of all that, Bush has announced a timetable for the “transition” of Iraqi occupation.

A more cynical blogger (is there any other kind?) would note that the new poll numbers that came out the day previous put Bush's approval ratings at a comically low figure -- 36 percent. An unbelievable 60 percent of Americans disapprove of the President's job. And now, a sudden change, a sorta-kinda policy "transition" allowing for most of Iraq to go to Iraqi troops (who have been picking it up SO well). So let's see. That means that days after the November elections, the USA will begin its "transitioning." And do they think we really won't see that as a "withdrawal"?


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