Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Democratic Slogan

Fantastic piece in today's New York Times magazine on the Democratic Party's chances for a Gingrich-esque, 1994-style revolution. I was planning on posting some comments but Jerry just reminded me the Puerto Rico-Dominican Republic ballgame is on, so tough luck. The one thing I will note is a quote from Rahm Emmanuel (who the writer calls an "observant Jew," a label I think is getting pretty hackneyed -- just once I want to read about a politician who is "a casual, cultural Jew, one who eats a bacon-cheeseburger, but no bun, on Passover"). Emmanuel responds to an interviewer's question with a sentence I want to see on a bumper sticker on my Honda in the next six months:

"I'm talking about the fucking election here, bucko!"

Sure beats "Honest Leadership, Open Government," that's for damn sure.


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