Friday, February 03, 2006

Fish in a Barrel

From the "jokes that don't need a punchline" department:

When House Republicans voted on a new leader last night (and I and I alone will decide how to pronounce his last name, thankyouverymuch) there were initially more ballots cast than people in the room, leading to calls of voter irregularities. deliciously slapped this headline on the story: One plus one equals three in GOP leadership race. Roll Call was a bit more generous of spirit, giving the GOP a mulligan. The AP adds this tidbit: “Boehner defeated Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, 122-109, after lagging behind his rival in a first, inconclusive ballot.” Oy gevalt. And what state is Boehner from? That's right; Ohio. And so my question to you all is: Have you ever seen a situation more resembling a distinct, straightforward political cartoon come to life?


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